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The Bousquet affair

1 x 56'

The Bousquet affair - French Version



On the 16th July 1942, during the Nazi occupation, several thousand men, women and children are arrested, and taken to the 'Velodrome d'Hiver', a sports facility in Paris.
Soon afterwards they are transported by rail to Auschwitz. Only a very few survive to tell of the horrors that awaited them in the death camps.
For more than 50 years campaigning lawyer Serge Klarsfeld fought against sometimes tremendous odds and official secrecy to uncover the role and responsibility of Rene Bousquet, then the General-Secretary of Police, in this tragic episode of French history. Put on trial in June 1949, Bousquet persuades the court that he had played no part in sending thousands of fellow countrymen to their deaths.
Exonerated on all charges, Bousquet becomes a successful businessman, well connected to the powers that be, enjoying a particularly close relationship with then President, Francois Mitterrand. But on June 8th 1993 the past catches up with Rene Bousquet. A man, persuaded he's acting in the name of justice, comes knocking at Bousquet's apartment…


L’énigme René Bousquet
Sur les 76000 déportés juifs de France, René Bousquet fut responsable de 59000 déportations. Or, jusqu’au 1er mars 1991, René Bousquet était quasiment inconnu du grand public. Assassiné la veille de son procès en 1993, il reste encore aujourd’hui un mystère de notre histoire contemporaine. Ce film tentera de lever le voile sur l’homme caché derrière le sourire insolent, devenu l’un des principaux leviers de la Collaboration avec les nazis.

4:3 - SD
Crime/Investigation - Current Affairs
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