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The World Tour Of The Martial Arts

12 x 26'  -  6 x 52'

Kirkpinar, la lutte Ancestrale - French version

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An original series, dynamic and rich in information the series takes you on a world tour of the martial arts exploring the links between culture, history of the country and the continent in which each art was born.
By looking at the country, its people, its history, we can determine the origins of the martial art practiced and events or traditions that have rooted it in a particular society.
Beyond a simple world tour of the martial arts, the 4 episodes of this documentary serial will be an exploration of each country’s culture.
The episodes will highlight why the traditional practice is important to preserve the sport and its benefits, not only in people's day to day life but also to their national identity.


1. Krav Maga
2. Kirkpinar, The Ancestral Wrestling
3. The Tigers of Silat
4. Tae Kwon Do, In the Land of the Morning Calm
5. The Samurais of Kendo
6. The Capoeira
7. Muay Thai - The Art of the Warrior

16:9 - HD
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