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Arena Madness

1 x 26'

Arena Madness - Spanish / French Version


Every week in the heart of Mexico City the « World Wrestling Association” presents a major free wrestling fight better known as the Lucha Libre. The wrestlers here are far more than just some out of the ordinary sportsmen. They are considered by the crowd as real heroes that ignite passions for this sport.
Arena Madness is an extraordinary documentary that will take you at the heart of this passionate crowd all the way to Mexico and it’s colorful culture . Following Guillermina Sarzosa , a great fan of the sport whose life is full of posters on the walls, wrestling figurines over her bed and collection albums of souvenirs, we’ll plunge into the amazing universe of the Lucha libre and discover one of the many astonishing aspects of the Mexican Culture.
An excellent tv documentary that will captivate spectators all around the world with its excellent narrative, unique point of view and fascinating scenes of one of the most popular growing cultures around the world.

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