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Ultimate Countdown

28 x 45'

4. The Most Outragious Divas

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The most memorable moments of Movies and Celebrities history are ranked in this funny and exciting show with anecdotes from experts that will make you laugh, cry and remember the most beautiful or outrageous or sexiest ever.


1. Sexiest Movie Scenes
2. Best Chick Flicks
3. Best Hollywood Hunks
4. Most Outrageous Divas
5. Best Celebrity Arrests
6. Top Coolest Movie Characters
7. Top Celebrity Affairs
8. The most Outrageous Transformations for a Role
9. The Most Shameful/Awkward Moments in Movies
10. Star Making Roles
11. Best Movie Villains
12. Best Franchise Ever
13. Best Action Heroes
14. Most Shocking Plastic Surgeries

15. Sexiest Hollywood Babes
16. Celebrities Gone Bad
17. Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings
18. Best Improvised Movie Moments
19. Highest Paid Actors of All Times
20. Best Movie Quotes
21. Most Influencial Movies of the 60s
22. Most Influencial Movies of the 70s
23. Most Influencial Movies of the 80s
24. Most Influencial Movies of the 90s
25. Most Influencial Movies of the 2000s
26. Most Shocking and Expensive Celebrity Divorces
27. Biggest Celebrity Screw-ups
28. Best Movie Creatures

16:9 - HD
Year of Production
2015 - 2018
Tag Words
Cinema - Funny