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205 x 9'

Culturetainment - S5E13 - Brigitte, icône charnelle

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A great series that gives you a head’s up on what’s on in the cultural scene from the trendiest expositions of the moment to the hottest and most talented music players, artists and sculptors, designers and more… Don’t miss exclusive interviews and behind the scenes in the cultural and most entertaining show!


1 Mathieu Madenian
2 Léonard Lasry
3 Paul Dewandre Men Mars, Women Venus
4 Boogers
5 Cartouche
6 DVD burlesque tour
7 Belleville Story
8 Largo Winch Black Sea
9 Lamia Ziadé
10 Meeting with Julien Marinetti, creator of "Doggy John"
11 Thorgal and Kriss de Valnor
12 Spécial Comic Book 2011
13 Sophia Aram
14 Studio Harcourt
15 Wall Street on vidéo
16 The Cult of the breasts
17 Angoulême International comic book festival
18 Sentimental Pornographic Comedy (The Québécois comic book)
19 The Manhua, the Chinese comic book
20 Paul Séré
21 Eric Lartigau
22 James Vincent McMorrow
23 Special Series comic books
24 Nasser
25 Walking dead
26 Régis Mailhot
27 Delphine Mc Carty
28 Akhenaton & Faf Larage
29 Audi Talent Awards
30 Cannes Film Festival 2012
31 Comic book biographies
32 Cult TV series on DVD
33 The new comic book series in volume 1
34 Ideas for summer activities
35 Museum of romantic life
36 Portrait of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
37 Q, the film
38 Nic Pizzolatto and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu
39 Douglas Kennedy
40 Toys and men
41 Jean-Paul Dubois
42 Daan
43 Steeve Mac Queen and the photographers
44 Vérino
45 Comic books in conquest of America
46 Guy Delisle
47 Mission Impossible
48 François Marry
49 Christophe Cousin
50 Portrait of Emilie Simon
51 Revelations 2011
52 Da Silva, portrait and exclusif Live
53 Live Special
54 Jean-Paul Goude, a retrospective
55 Palmarès of the Angoulême Festival
56 Bob Sinclar spinning the discs
57 Lindi Ortega, queen of rodeo
58 Best-Of
59 The secrets of the Simpsons Revelations 2011
60 Big Sophie is in the house
61 Anaïs bitter than ever
62 Meeting with Sharon Van Etten
63 Dionysos ready for the show !
64 Portrait of Dominique A
65 Patricia MacDonald queen of the novel
66 Helmut Newton, the man who loved women
67 Meeting with the guru Sébastien Tellier
68 Revelation on the French scene Rover
69 Springtime favorites
70 Belleruche : meeting with a group on the rise
71 Crumb, The anti-conformist
72 Bob Dylan exposed !
73 Meet the Scissor Sisters
74 Rock and cinéma, a love story
75 Berry: Exclusive interview
76 T.Y.P.: Exclusive interview
77 Meet Jenn de Superbus
78 Romain and Estelle tell all about Eiffel, their new album.
79 Mika
80 Mariama, glamour is back, interview and live
81 Lescop, dark pop, the interview!
82 Edward Hopper finally in Paris
83 Universal Studio century anniversary
84 Largo Winch, the authors interview
85 Mathieu Boogaerts: interview & live
86 Cody ChesnuTT live & interview
87 Meeting with the team from the film After May by Olivier Assayas
88 Meet Cali !
89 Meeting with the new Vaillante stable!
90 Winshluss, a marvelous world!
91 Meet Olivia Ruiz !
92 Auren, Sophie Maurin and Elisa Jo, three women moving up
93 100 years of American Cinema !
94 Dali at the Centre Pompidou, a Success Story
95 1995, the New Wave of Rap
96 Claire Diterzi
97 Granville
98 Granville
99 Meet Jil is Lucky
100 Die Hard : A good day to die
101 Meet Axelle Red
102 Tété live & interview
103 Peter Von Poelh, live & interview !
104 Chagall, between war and peace
105 Reinvestigation of JFK's assassination!
106 Stereophonics : live & interview
107 Difficult to resist the charms of Italian comic books
108 Keith Haring, a singular and subversive artist!
109 Sharleen Spiteri, from the group Texas
110 San Francisco's wall murals
111 Mesparrow, ahead of the trends
112 French Cowboy & The One
113 The ambiguous eroticism of Tamara de Lempicka
114 Interview and Live, Helena Noguerra sings with her men
115 Roy Lichtenstein, behond pop art
116 Georges Braque, initiator of cubism
117 Pendentif invents a sexy and mischievous pop, Interview
118 Marie Modiano
119 Meet sweet warrior Ayo !
120 Pacco signs first one man show in a comic book
121 Get seduced by a siren, Micky Green, interview
122 Interview, Morcheeba sends good vibes
123 Interview, Anna Calvi queen of glam rock
124 Exposition event : Raymond Depardon, such a sweet moment
125 Julien Doré in løve : Interview
126 Elephanz : two boys in the wind
127 Sexuality in plural in comic books
128 Moodoïd, a fantastic universe
129 Desires & Pleasure the exposition
130 The Renaissance and the dream, from eroticism to nightmares
131 Video games thoroughly examined
132 The space Odyssey of Florent Marchet, interview
133 Rodin from the antique to modernity, exposition
134 Skip the use mixes genres, interview
135 Henri Cartier-Bresson the Exhibit
136 Star Wars Identities the Exhibit
137 Titouan Lamazou sublimates women, interview
138 Four essential albums
139 Daphné, a troubling voice, encounter
140 The art of Marvel super heroes, a world premiere
141 Exhibit of Robert Mapplethorpe at Grand Palais
142 Interview of Emmanuelle Seigner
143 Anna Aaron et Le Prince Miiaou prennent la relève
144 Robotic art, a monumental exposition
145 From RoboCop to Marcia Baila, discover the universe of The Pirouettes, interview
146 Super heroes, the art of Alex Ross, guided visit
147 Mark Daumail, AuDen, and Natas loves you, seven men on the rise
148 Discover the Ferrari 328 GTS-Peter Klasen in Paris
149 Plunge into the aquatic universe of Bill Viola
150 Encounter with the master of eroticism, Milo Manara
151 New exposition at Centre Pompidou
152 Van Gogh / Artaud, the exposition
153 Katerine cool et sexy, interview
154 MartialRaysse
155 Louis Bertignac
156 Exhibitis of Niki de Saint Phalle And François Avril
157 MarcelDuchamp
158 JennAyache
159 Visit through the exposition, Drawings from studio Ghibli
160 Philippe Geluck talks about Chat
161 Cyann, the sexy heroine of François Bourgeon
162 Meet Coralie Clément
163 Alex Varenne sublimates our fantasies
164 Follow the arrow of Marc-Antoine Mathieu
165 Exposition Jeff Koons, guided visit
166 Brigitte, sexy icon, unveiled for you
167 Oscar & The Wolf, LA révélation 2015
168 Yseult
169 Revoir Paris
170 Charlie Winston
171 Pilote
172 Klimt
173 Claire Diterzi
174 Cali, in a simpler approach, interview
175 David Bowie is, guided visit through the exposition
176 Nach
177 Harry Potter the exposition at the Cité du Cinéma, guided visit
178 The Velazquez exposition in three paintings, our guided visit
179 Le Noiseur, the sexy-romantic dandy we see ourselves in
180 Graffiti on canvas, guided visit through a daring exposition
181 Mademoiselle K, our interview
182 The Pierre Bonnard exposition in three paintings, our guided visit
183 The intimate painting, a true art!
184 Aline
185 Aardman
186 Varenne
187 Vianney
188 Discovering Milan's 2015 Universal Exposition
189 Game of Thrones, our guided visit to the expo
190 Exposition corrosive : Vuillemin, It's not garbage
191 Arielle Dombasle, sacré French Kiss. Interview
192 Interview : La Grande Sophie tells us Our Stories
193 Picasso-mania at the Grand Palais, guided visit
194 Art in video games, French inspirations
195 Images of prostitution, guided visit
196 Andy Warhol Unlimited, the monumental exhibition
197 ALA.NI, the retro and sensual voice of 2016
198 Discover the crazy world of Porn
199 Cerrone, from French Touch to Afrobeat
200 Bettina Rheims beyond Glamour
201 The revolutionary street photography of Daido Moriyama
202 Thecomitted Pop Art of Gérard Fromanger
203 Axelle Red : the acoustic sensuality
204 Marvin Jouno and Radio Elvi : the two best album of spring
205 Come visit the Douanier Rousseau exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay

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