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The Insider

37 x 9'

The Insider - S04E13 - Breitling Jet

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Live the most exciting and exclusive experiences with “The Insider”. A show that will take you high up the sky with the Breitling jet team, inside some of the most luxurious Yachts or even to a VIP concert on top of the Mont Blanc!


1 Golf - Following the Footsteps of the Legends
2 The Patrouille de France 1/2
3 The Patrouille de France 2/2
4 Backstage at the Lido 1/2
5 Backstage at the Lido 2/2
6 Breitling Cup 1/2
7 Breitling Cup 1/2
8 Harley Davidson
9 We Took the Audi 100 Coupé S Outside the Museum
10 The Making of the Largest Firework Event in the World
11 Behind the Scenes at the Electronic Sports World Cup
12 Backstage at the Théâtre BO
13 Making of - Commercial for the New Clio IV
14 Hamilton acrobatics
15 Worldwilde stands
16 Triumph parade
17 NFS Most wanted
18 A Look at Malaysia Airlines Business Class
19 Carrera Cup
20 SUP Paris crossing
21 777 simulation
22 Boats are coming
23 Skylines
24 French Patrol
25 Behind the E-Commerce Scenes
26 Renault-Cesars
27 4L Trophy
28 Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot
29 Behind the Scenes at the Triumph Photo Shoot
30 Fencing
31 Legend bikes 2013 Cup
32 Behind the Scenes - The Making of a Music Video
33 Shell eco-marathon
34 Star for a Day at the Studio Harcourt
35 Behind the Scenes of Swan Lake
36 Competitive Pole Dancing
37 Flying with the Breitling Jet Team

16:9 - HD
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