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Sensations in Science

4 x 52'

Ep.1 Genomic Slavery - Russian version (English Subtitles)

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“Man is hostage to his own consciousness.” “Reality is no more than the play of brain cells.” “Cells grow old and die, just like people.” These are some of the assertions made by leading scientists and psychiatrists. Experts in biology assure us that victory over death is within reach, and that a ‘cure for ageing’ has been discovered. Are we on the cusp of a golden age for mankind? Geneticists have decoded the human genome, revealing the secret of our DNA. Some diseases can now be treated even before we are born. But what will happen to our planet when mankind achieves immortality? Ecologists remind us of the greenhouse effect and the catastrophic effects of climate change. How scared should we be by these metamorphoses, and is humanity to blame for global warming?

Sensational breakthroughs – achievements by the leading scientists of the new millennium – dispel some of the illusions under which we have been living, and at the same time offer us hope...


Episode 1 - Genomic Slavery
Episode 2 - Hackers' Death
Episode 3 - Brain is my Enemy
Episode 4 - Warming Countdown

16:9 - HD
Health/Medical - Science/Technology
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Archeology - Breakthroughs - DNA - Documentary - Series - USSR