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A Screen Called Desire

1 x 52'


Cinema was to become the art form of the Twentieth Century and Psychoanalysis the new ‘science’ of the century. This documentary film will explore the relationship between cinema and psychoanalysis, their common obsessions and their commitment to the exploration of the human mind.
Masterpieces of cinema by directors such as Lang, Hitchcock, Bergman and many others are central to the exploration. As a guide we will use a charismatic go-between voice capable of moving between the world of psychoanalysis and that of cinema. The documentary will also explore the impact of film on the audience who act as a kind of mute chorus, reacting to the screen with emotion and fascination. This audience will be set up in a movie theatre screening key film clips as well as archive interviews of major film directors on cinema and the psyche.
The cinema is the ultimate medium to show what psychoanalysis deals with. Dreams and fantasies, fear and anxiety have been the stuff of cinema since its beginnings. Death and passion are ever-present. The cinema is like Pandora’s Box, strange and fascinating and waiting to be opened.

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