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A Song of Innocence - La Ravisseuse

1 x 87'

A song of Innocence Part. 1

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In 1877, a young peasant, Angèle-Marie is hired by a bourgeois family, the Orcus, to be the in-house wet nurse to breastfeed their newborn baby girl. Before long, the wife, Charlotte Orcus and the wet nurse strike up a close friendship, But Charlotte’s husband, Julien, comes to frown upon the complicity between them. He reacts son enough by asserting his authority over both women.

Nominated at the following festivals:
- Chicago International Film Festival - 2006
- Festival Of Cinéma Nouveau of Montréal - 2006
- Toronto International Film Festiva l- 2006
- French Film Festival of Greece - 2006
- French Film Festival of Japan - 2006

16:9 - SD
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Biography - Fiction - History