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The Children of the Toxic Bay

1 x 26'


Before the departure, they threw on the spot, in the neighbourhoods tons of substances, in the sea and on ground, causing since the contamination of thousands people and employees in the bases. According to last estimation, between 2 500 and 3 000 people are concerned with this chemical pollution.
Nature became a poison for the men by involving an impressive progression of cancers, leukaemia and other congenital malformations. There, mercury, lead, asbestos, pesticides and uranium wastes contaminated water and environment.
Princess Caroline of Hanover, which as the President of the Association "The Friends of Childhood" (AMADE), rang the alarm bell in Europe in front of this ecological, human and social catastrophe.

Les Enfants de Toxic Bay

Peu après la Guerre du Golfe, l’armée américaine a quitté les installations militaires du nord des Philippines. Avant son départ, elle a abandonné sur place des tonnes de substances, dans la mer et sur terre, causant la contamination de milliers d’habitants.

4:3 - SD
Health/Medical - Wildlife/Nature
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Environment - Nature - Pollution