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History of Medical Imaging

1 x 52'

History of Medical Imaging - English Version


English synopsis
This documentary focuses on one hundred years of medical history through the four main categories of imaging: x-rays (scanners), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), ultrasound and nuclear imaging. We look at the forerunners of these inventions and the men and women responsible. Twelve Nobel Prize winners were rewarded for their role in this extraordinary medical adventure. Archive footage, mainly forgotten, if ever seen, will illustrate yesterday's imaging as well as today's. Our crews witnessed seldom seen medical examinations of patients using imaging technology, in hospitals across Europe and the United States. Leading surgeons and medical scientists provide a fascinating commentary to the latest amazing advances in imaging technology, some of it still in development stage.
A unique journey into the human body!

French synopsis
L'Histoire de l'Imagerie Médicale

Aujourd’hui, la médecine ne serait pas ce qu’elle est sans l’apport de l’imagerie. Voir permet de mieux comprendre et de mieux soigner. L’imagerie médicale donne la possibilité aux médecins de détecter de plus en plus tôt les maladies. Notre attention s’est portée en priorité sur l’apport de l’imagerie pour déceler certaines pathologies qui se révèlent au cours des trois âges de la vie : les accidents cardiaques, les cancers, les maladies dégénératives du cerveau (Alzheimer, Parkinson…).

16:9 - SD
Health/Medical - Science/Technology
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Medicine - Technology