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One Miracle Would be Enough...

1 x 52'

A Miracle would be enough - French version



As natural resources are not being exploited in Futuna, which is located in part of the French territory of Wallis and Futuna, there is another type of resource that may be found there; a one of religious association… On the 28th of April 2016 a celebration took place on the island, that of the 175th anniversary of Saint Pierre Chanel’s martyrdom; the patron saint of Oceania. The citizens of Futuna take religion extremely seriously, in the name of their faith they would move mountains… or build churches! The magnitude and volume of these churches are held by the bishop and the Futuna people as possessing great potential in the future development of Futuna, transforming it into an international destination for religious tourism. They believe that this new-born ‘Lourdes of the Pacific’ could benefit Futuna, as well as the neighbour island of Wallis. It would truly be a miracle ! This documentary (52’) tells of the conditions of this miracle, through the voices of the actors that work towards realising it, as well as the sceptics who fear the consequences of what might transpire to be an over-optimistic and rushed decision that stands to risk draining the little resources of those who they relied upon for funding: the diaspora in New Caledonia. Standing somewhere in between a sincerely faithful, although whimsical, dream and the reality of remoteness and globalization’s impact, is this film. A mellow comedy, vibrating along with the joy and optimism of little-known people. Characters out of the ordinary: Saint Pierre Chanel’s great-great-great niece, Wallis & Futuna’s bishop, the general administrator representing French state, customary chiefs, members of the Wallis & Futuna’s diaspora from New Caledonia…


Il suffirait d'un miracle

A Futuna, il n’y a pas de ressources naturelles (exploitées), mais il y a mieux : une ressource surnaturelle, Saint Pierre Chanel, le Saint Patron de l’Océanie, dont on fêtait, le 28 avril 2016, le 175ème anniversaire du martyre. Et il y a les Futuniens, qui ont une foi à déplacer les montagnes … et à construire des églises. L’évêque et les habitants de l’île ont donc eu une idée: faire de Futuna une destination internationale pour le tourisme religieux, le « Lourdes du Pacifique », qui pourrait bénéficier aussi à l’île voisine de Wallis.Ce serait un miracle !Ce documentaire raconte les conditions de ce miracle à travers ceux qui oeuvrent à le rendre possible, mais aussi à travers ceux qui craignent une fuite en avant illusoire, au risque d’épuiser les maigres ressources financières de la diaspora de Nouvelle-Calédonie, appelée à payer pour ce développement.Entre rêve un peu fou porté par une foi sincère et réalité de l’isolement et des ravages de la mondialisation, ce film est une comédie douce, portée par la joie et l’optimisme d’un peuple mal connu.

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