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India's Fight Against AIDS

1 x 45'

India's Fight against AIDS


The epidemic of the AIDS is devastating India. With 5,7 million HIV-positive persons, this country has the sad privilege to be the most infected by AIDS today. India has even walked past South Africa and for only two years, it entered the war against the HIV. A man changed the face of the AIDS, Minister of Health Ramadoss. He decided to break with Indian tradition that is to hide the real figures of the disease. As a consequence maybe, the high court of justice of Delhi has decided to decriminalize the homosexuality to fight against the virus. How to face the taboo in this ultra conservative country? If India has lead the war against foreigners, it also has to fight it in the country against Indian laws and culture, against its own drifts. In a country where the disease is growing stronger, who are the most exposed populations? How does the virus propagate? Why are the HIV-positive persons stigmatized? Why do the patients access only to obsolete treatments? What roles are playing pharmaceutical companies? The film meets exceptional Indian characters, men and women who have decided to fight against HIV.

16:9 - SD
Health/Medical - Social/Human Stories
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Actualité - Santé/Medecine - Social/Humanitaire