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Liquorgate- Into the Heart of the Alcohol Lobby

1 x 52'


How did the alcohol companies finance the electoral campaign of 1993 ? Did their donations to the candidates influence the future deputies of the National Assembly ? Building from a hard-core investigation, this film confronts political and financial interests. It allows us to penetrate, for the first time, into the heart of the alcohol lobbies. The story starts at the moment of the legislative campaign of 1993. The authors dissect the donations made to the future deputies and follow the trail to the donors among the alcohol companies. Once you pull the thread, the web of the alcohol lobbies comes to light. Their goal is to destroy the « Evin act », the main legal obstacle to alcohol advertising. Who are the alcohol lobbies and how they get their way ? A story built like a police investigation, rigorous and sharp.

Economy/Finance - Social/Human Stories
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Documentaries - Finance - Investigation - Lobbying - Politic