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Daphné du Maurier: in Rebecca's Footsteps

1 x 52'

Daphné du Maurier: in Rebecca's Footsteps - English Version

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Major movies of Alfred Hitchcock where adapted from Daphne Du Maurier's novels: “Jamaica Inn”, "The Birds" and mostly "Rebecca".

Discover in this acclaimed documentary produced for ARTE, the amazing and mysterious life of the English author and her incredible work.

“The documentary uses photographs, archive film and stunning shots of the windswept landscapes of Du Maurier's beloved Cornwall, while an erudite selection of talking heads — including her daughter, Vicountess Tessa Montgomery of Alamein, and her biographer, Tatiana de Rosnay — discuss her childhood and life within a famous and bohemian family, her development as a writer, her complex domestic life and how the two women in Rebecca represented opposite and contradictory sides of Du Maurier's complex personality.” THE TIMES

“Adeptly juggling archive footage, photos and testimony from du Maurier experts and intimates – including her daughter – this is another solid PBS profile. Originally broadcast on French channel Arte, this Gallic perspective lends a novel slant to a familiar figure, looking at her appeal to cineastes from Alfred Hitchcock to Nic Roeg.” THE TELEGRAPH


Daphné du Maurier: sur les traces de "Rebecca"

Nimbée d'étrange et bousculant les conventions, l'oeuvre de Daphné du Maurier (1907-1989) a séduit de nombreux cinéastes, Alfred Hitchcock en tête, qui portera à l'écran L'auberge de la Jamaïque, Les oiseaux et Rebecca, l'un de ses plus célèbres romans. Portrait subtil d'une romancière à la personnalité complexe.

16:9 - HD
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