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Sir Max

1 x 92'


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On February 24, 1944, the Gestapo storms into the Abbey of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire. A man is kneeling in prayer before the altar, a large yellow star sown over his chest. He is arrested and hauled away. Here begins the ordeal of Max Jacob, a Jewish-born French poet, converted to Catholicism.
Before being taken away, he asks someone to contact Picasso, who is in Paris. Even though Vichy and Berlin are not pleased with his public support of the Spanish Republic and the
« degenerate » character of his work, the occupying authorities spare the painter. Without Max Jacob, Picasso would probably have returned to Spain. The Bateau-Lavoir would probably never have existed. Cubism would have developed in a different way. In short, the painter owes the poet everything. Max Jacob treated Picasso like a brother, stood by him through the years of penniless misery that marked his early career, was his bosom buddy in all the escapades and pranks they pulled with others that made the magic of Montmartre sparkle. Max witnessed Picasso’s every passion, every new friendship.
For Max Jacob, there is no doubt that his friend will move heaven and earth to come to his aid. Imprisoned in Orleans, Max hopefully awaits. He begins reminiscing….

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