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Under the Cobblestones... the Skirt Jupe

1 x 50'

Under the Cobblestones... the Skirt Jupe - English Version


This morning, will it be a skirt or trousers? Behind this simple choice lies a long history of women's quest for freedom. This film takes us on a fascinating journey through history and socio-political. It leads to women’s long battle to wear trousers, the rise of the mini-skirt, all the way to present young women's on-going battle, in the projects and housing estates, to be able to walk around freely in a skirt… Skirts or trousers? An original way to tell a complex and highly political story about the empowerment of women through interviews with politicians, photographers and designers.

16:9 - SD
Social/Human Stories
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Documentaries - Feminism - History - Women