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Unemployment: Autopsy of the French model

1 x 45'


"Forty years after the creation of the « Agence Nationale pour l’Emploi » (i.e. France’s job centre), unemployment has durably taken hold of France. The unemployment rate has remained flat around 10% for 20 years and it affects more than 2 million people. It affects the nation’s youth especially: 25% are unemployed, that is equal to the rates of developing countries. Successive policies have almost unanimously failed. But precisely, what did try to do? What measures have been undertaken? And what are the measures we did not dare to undertake? In short, have we really tried EVERYTHING to fight unemployment?
The film recounts 20 years of unemployment policies from the viewpoint of families struck by unemployment over several generations. Parents being moved around from restructuring plans to early retirement, and children marked by the example of older generations and durably kept away from work. We interview different actors of that social failure: local administrations, officials, managers of local job centre managers and of new « centers of employment», union managers, CEOs… We try to understand what happened for these last 20 years including endeavors and mistakes in order to grasp the origins of the French air of weariness.

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