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USA: the War of Smockers

1 x 26'


New York – capital of the crazy, home of the wild ?
In order to fight the first preventable cause of illness and death, the city of New York has taken drastic steps : the price of a pack of cigarettes has nearly doubled and since the 30th of March 2003 smoking is banned in all public places. The aim : turn New York into the healthiest city in the world.
However, 4 months after the passage of the law, not everyone is entirely happy with it. For some the new ban is a victory for the respect of life but for others it contradicts the constitution’s first amendment : freedom of choice. On top of that, some bar owners claim that their sales have gone done considerably. A new Prohibition era ? In order to grasp the full extent of the anti-tobacco frenzy, one has to see the irreducible smokers of New York in clusters on the sidewalks, puffing away outside rather than inside the offices, nightclubs, restaurants and bars.
All-time stage of the American exception, New York tries to set an example of virtue to the rest of America. The real militants of the anti-tobacco associations, the activists for the protection of smokers’ rights and the victims, bar owners and their smoking clientele, are the new main characters of this play.
Together with these people we discover the issues at stake of the new ban through emblematic places and situations: New York nightlife, a big New York newspaper’s office, rallies in front of City Hall, adolescents’ prevention programs, and the last bastions of resistance.

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