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When Girls Take the Veil

1 x 45'

When Girls Takes the Veil


"What does a young woman’s life in the suburbs of Paris look like ? Leila Djitli inquires in the suburb of her adolescence where she discovers a worrying reality.
Leila Djitli returns to Corbeil-Essonnes where she lived during her adolescence. Twenty years ago the problems of co-education and integrist Islam didn’t exist. Today, almost all the girls talk about the veil, about Islam. What happened ? How does the life of these girls look like ? Do they feel threatened ? Can we talk about a regression during the last twenty years? Everybody remembers the story of Sohane, burned alive at Vitry-sur-Seine in the Val de Marne in 2002. Leila Djitli meets the sister of the young woman: for her, Sohane was too beautiful, too independent. It was her refusal of the law of the district and of the masculine domination that cost her life. At Corbeil-Essonnes, the filmmaker meets Fatiha. This sixty year old woman, mother of twelve children (among which eight girls) is a night worker in a factory. She fought for her independence and raised her children in a spirit of openness. Even tough, since two years, the youngest of her daughters wears the veil. How can we explain the cleavage between Fatiha, the mother who fought for her independence and her daughter of twenty-one years who voluntarily gives up part of this independence? The documentary also cares to listen to the boys: their territory is the street. Here, outside, they talk freely, spontaneously. For these boys, the word “love” is an insult, the increasing separation of girls and boys “not a problem”. More and more appears a worrying reality, a world in which the least tolerant form of Islam becomes a reference for these young people, where public space is not respected as long as the law of the district is imposed to everybody… A regression, whose first victims are women."

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