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Girls, Empress of Blues

8 x 75'

Nicole Slack Jones

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At the beginning of the century to 1920/1930, many women began their careers in the Blues, valuing the songs and rhythms of this emerging musical style. The famous 12 steps that characterize the soul of Blues music were developed by these black women from large families and very modest background who found in these interpretations work and a way to contribute to the needs of their families. They quickly became the symbol of the black American women, an extremely rewarding image for a community in search of icons...


Episode 1: Blues Caravan
Episode 2: Nicole Slack Jones
Episode 3: Valérie Graschaire
Episode 4: Robin McKelle
Episode 5: Beverly Jo Scott and The Sirius Plan
Episode 6: Maria Ossagantsia
Episode 7: Erja Lyytinen
Episode 8: Nina Attal

16:9 - HD
International Women's Day - Music - Music Rap - Hip-Hop
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Blues - Jazz - Singer - Soul - Woman