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Megève, The Ski City

1 x 52'

Megève, Berceau du Ski Français - French Version



This is a documentary to get to know the legendary story of Megève, the birthplace of the Ski as international sport.

Trough unusual testimonies, unseen footage and thrilling scenes of downhill skiing, viewers will travel all the way to this city in the mountains where SKI is the principal activity. Learn about the development of Ski industry, the technical skills, the genius and passion of men and women like Adrien Duvillard, one of the biggest ski champions in France.

For all sport and non so sport lovers this program is a perfect combination to travel in a unique, interesting and entertaining way.

Megève, Berceau du Ski Français

16:9 - HD
Mountain - Travel
Year of Production
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Mountain - ski