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Women of the world

20 x 4'

Women of the world - French Version


Titouan Lamazou is renowned French photographer, artist and travel writer He has been taking portraits of women for more than twenty years as he criss-crosses the globe to meet women who typify their culture. In different destinations, the artist sketches the portraits of 20 different women. Each four-minute film is a study of Titouan Lamazou's art, be it drawings, paintings, photographs or watercolours as well as his writings and interviews all recorded on location.
From Khadi, the Senegalese migrant, to Palestinian peace activist Aman, 'The Women of the World' is a blend of the artist's viewpoint and the remarkable, sometimes tragic, stories as told by the women themselves.

Portraits of 20 different women :
ALIONA, Siberia, Russia : Dance Instructress - AMAN, Palestine : Peace activist - CLAUDIA and FELICIA, Brazil : Two sisters who are cowgirls in Sertao - DOMINGA, Colombia : An elderly native farm labourer - ESMERALDA, France : A now settled gypsy activist - FATEMA, Palestine - Elderly refugee - HALIMÉ, Chad : Refugee from Darfur - KHADI, Mauritania : Senegalese immigrant - KABARI, Bangladesh : Nomadic woman who lives on board a small boat - LHAMO, Nepal : Tibetan refugee - LIA, Brazil : Beauty queen - LOLA, Australia : Presents and produces the first radio shows for aborigines - MARIA DE LOURDES, Brazil : Agricultural worker - NANDINI, India : Shrimp seller -PEMBA, Nepal : The first female Sherpa to have climbed Mount Everest - ROYA, Afghanistan : War widow living in a devastated part of Kabul - SAMIRA, India : French language student - SHANTI, India : Bengali farmer - TIANA, Brazil : 'Capoeira' (martial art) teacher - WANG YUE, China : Chinese rock'n'roller

4:3 - SD
Social/Human Stories
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