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Tales of the universe

13 x 13'

Tales of the universe - Vega and Altaïr, the heavenly lovers- French Version


The heavens have a history of staggering proportions and dimension.
Throughout the centuries, the sky by day and by night has never ceased to fascinate mankind, and to fuel the fears, beliefs and superstitions of his greatest civilisations. The Gods abide there, and it is there that they dwell over the future of humanity. Even today, the mysteries abound and give rise to dreams and the highest aspirations, as well as the most worrying questions.
Jean-Pierre Luminet invites us on a journey to the heart of the tales and legends of the universe. He is an astrophysicist at the Paris-Meudon Observatory and head of research at the CNRS.

Les contes de l’univers

Pendant des siècles, le ciel n’a jamais cessé de fascine l’être humain and de stimuler les peurs, les créances et les superstitions des plus grandes civilisations. Les dieux y demeurent et c’est là qu’ils s’attardent sur le futur de l’humanité. A ce jour, les mystères continuent et incitent les rêves, les plus grosses aspirations et les questions les plus inquiétants. Jean-Pierre Luminet, astrophysicien à l’observatoire Paris-Meudon et Chef d’investigation aux CNRS, nous invite sur un voyage au cœur des histoires et des légendes de l’univers.


1. Râ, the Sun God
2. Phaeton and the Milky Way
3. Sirius and Po Tolo
4. The Ravens of the Sun
5. Callisto, the Great Bear
6. Tirawa and the creation of Earth
7. Icarus and the conquest of space
8. Eclipse - Tiamat
9. Mardouk and the Big Bang
10.Myths of the Moon
11.Vega and Altaïr, the heavenly lovers 12.The planets’ lore
13.Maroucla and the seasons

16:9 - SD
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