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20’ at Sea

34 x 20'

20’ at Sea - French Version


Over a three-year period, we have visited and explored beaches, coasts and islands on every continent.
Each selected destination led us to discover little known communities and societies, with their own traditions and cultures, and ways of protecting their often fragile environments.
Thirty-four out of the most stunning 50 destinations have now been revisited in a new 20-minute format. Re-written and re-edited, with new graphics and music, these 20-minute films – all broadcast in HD this year – have found a new rhythm and focus, while remaining faithful to the spirit of the original series.
The shorter format lends a new lease of life to the 34 films, composing a remarkable heritage series about a world undergoing irrevocable change.


1. Nantucket, USA
2. Morocco
3. Zanzibar
4. Tanzania
5. China, Tsingtao
6. Brazil, Rio
7. Ukraine,Yalta
8. South Africa, Cape Town
9. United Arab Emirates
10.Cape Verde
11.Pakistan, Karachi
12.Marajo, Brazil
13.Dominican Republic
14.Costa Rica
16.Benin, Cotonou
17.Kodiak, Alaska
18.Sumba, Indonesia
19.Shodo Shima, Japan
20.The Marquesas, French overseas territories
21.Vietnam, Da Nang
22.Argentina, Mar del Plata
24.Palawan, Philippines
26.The Chiloe, Chile
28.Sao Tome
29.Sainte Marie Island, Madagascar 30.Thailand, Hua Hin
31.India, Goa
32.Jeju, South Korea
34.The Maldives

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